Waterborne Radon Reduction – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Waterborne Radon Reduction in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Waterborne Radon MilwaukeeRadon is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas that sneaks into many homes across the United States without anyone’s awareness. It can enter homes by snaking through the ground where it is formed until it escapes through the cracks of a home’s foundation or contaminates the ground water surrounding the home. When this happens, the home’s water supply may become contaminated with this known carcinogen. Unless you have magical powers, you won’t know that your home has been contaminated until you have it properly tested by radon mitigation specialists. Since homes located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin are more likely to have excessive levels of this harmful radioactive gas than other cities or towns, it is essential to have your home tested by a radon mitigation contractor if that is where it is located.

Waterborne radon contamination is especially insidious due to the number of times residents of Wisconsin may be exposing themselves each day. Just consider the number of times you use your home’s water supply each day. You drink it, cook with it, bathe with it, and clean with it. Each time you do so, you are exposing yourself to harm and placing yourself at a greater risk of developing lung cancer.

The Possibility of Waterborne Radon Contamination in Wisconsin

If you believe the possibility of waterborne radon contamination exists in your Wisconsin home, then you should contact a radon mitigation company immediately and arrange for the proper testing. If your levels exceed the Environmental Protection Agency’s level they consider to be safe (4 pCI/L or 4 picocuries per liter), then you need to bring in the radon mitigation professionals rather than continuing to place your family at risk of developing a debilitating disease.

Waterborne radon contamination must be eliminated in a specific manner so as to prevent it from ever entering your home along the pipes, within the pipes, or through the seepage that sometimes occurs in some homes. A qualified radon mitigation specialist knows what to do since he has the proper training and knowledge necessary to rid a building of waterborne contamination by radon. The threat of radon is real, so take it seriously by bringing in a radon mitigation contractor to remove it from your water supply forever.

If you suspect waterborne radon contamination, make sure that you mention that to the company that you hire before they come out. Just as you’ll find with all types of companies, no two businesses are identical. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the radon mitigation company you are considering has the proper credentials, including any licenses as required by the state or local government. Servicing the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area, our radon mitigation company has the proper equipment, experienced professionals, and knowledge to minimize your exposure to this radioactive gas, while eliminating any future threat from Radon.