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Tuesday, June 26, 2012 @ 04:06 PM
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The Threat of Radon Gas is a Real Concern in Milwaukee

Milwaukee, Wisconsin Radon AbatementRadon is a colorless, odorless radioactive gas. It occurs naturally as a side effect of the gradual decay of the uranium found within the ground. Radon is a dense gas that can permeate and cling to many different types of materials. Most importantly, it is a carcinogen that can be easily inhaled and has been identified as putting individuals — both smokers and non-smokers — at a high risk for lung cancer. Milwaukee and the surrounding region tend to be particularly prone to the development of radon gas.

The Dangers of Radon Gas and the Need for Radon Abatement

The state of Wisconsin has attempted to boost awareness of the dangers of radon gas through the Wisconsin Health Department and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), as well as through organizations and companies like SWAT Environmental that specialize in ensuring that homes are protected from radon contamination. These sources can provide a better understanding of the radon abatement measures that need to be taken in order to keep homes and other dwellings radon-free.

For example, the Wisconsin Health Department offers a radiation protection program. This program highlights environmental monitoring, which the state conducts to gauge radiation emissions that may be released around its five nuclear power plants. In addition, businesses like SWAT Environmental specialize in testing for the presence of radon in both residential homes and commercial buildings, and abating it when it is found. Finally, the EPA ensures that the appropriate steps are taken to protect the environment.

Tasks in Radon Abatement

Home testing kits can be an inexpensive way to check that the air inside your home is fresh and radon free. However, SWAT Environmental can handle the testing as well if you wish to ensure that your results are completely accurate. If either test shows excessive radon levels inside the building, you will need to move forward with the radon abatement process.

The radon abatement process itself can be accomplished in several ways. Ensuring that the home stays well ventilated is important, as is the sealing of any cracks found along its foundation walls. Specialized equipment to regulate air pressure may be necessary as well.

The Need for Radon Abatement

Every home is different; therefore, so are the levels of maintenance required to ensure that it stays free of radon gas contamination. What is not negotiable, however, is whether abatement is necessary in a house that is infested with radon gas. Since radon exposure is so dangerous to a person’s health, and since the gas is naturally created and therefore will not go away on its own, you must take steps to protect your family as soon as you realize there is a problem. Due to the radon risk in and around Milwaukee, testing for radon gas, and having radon abatement performed if necessary, will afford you peace of mind and assurance that the air you and your family breathe in your Milwaukee home is clean and carcinogen-free.