Why Milwaukee Wisconsin Area Business Owners Need to Be Concerned About Vapor Intrusion

Wednesday, December 28, 2011 @ 04:12 PM
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The Threat of Vapor Intrusion to Your Milwaukee, Wisconsin Business

Vapor Intrusion MilwaukeeIf you call the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area home, you may already be familiar with the problem of radon contamination. You may even have had your home tested for such contamination and perhaps even repaired. If you also own and operate a business in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area, you also need to be aware of a similar problem that can plague commercial buildings the same way radon can cause contamination in residential homes.

That problem is known as vapor intrusion, and it can be a particular risk for owners of businesses in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area. Vapor intrusion is similar to radon contamination, but the nature of the chemicals that cause the problem is a bit different. The chemicals implicated in vapor intrusion are many, from petroleum products left over from leaking storage tanks to volatile organic compounds and heavy metals like mercury.

Major Health Concerns From Vapor Intrusion in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The health effects of vapor intrusion in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area can be very serious, from relatively minor afflictions like headaches and rashes to long lasting and life threatening conditions like cancer and respiratory problems. If you have not yet had your Milwaukee, Wisconsin area business tested for vapor intrusion, every day you delay could put your workers at more and more risk. And since it is the responsibility of every Milwaukee, Wisconsin business owner to protect his or her employees, that delay could put you and your livelihood at risk as well.

Get a Local Vapor Intrusion Specialist Today!

The best way to get started is to contact a contractor who is licensed to do business in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area. Vapor intrusion is a specialized problem, and the nature of the contamination varies from place to place. By hiring a company with specific experience in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area, you can be sure you are working with someone who has the expertise needed to do the job right.

A big part of mitigating a vapor intrusion problem in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area is determining exactly where the contamination is coming from. Vapor intrusion issues can originate from a variety of sources, including contaminated groundwater and compromised soil underneath the commercial building. Once you know exactly where the vapor intrusion is getting into your Milwaukee, Wisconsin area business, you will be able to work with the contractor on a mitigation plan that meets your budget and the needs of your business.

If you find that your Milwaukee, Wisconsin area business does not have high levels of vapor intrusion, you will know that your workers and your firm are protected. If you do find high levels of vapor intrusion in your Milwaukee, Wisconsin area business, the mitigation steps you take can protect your operations and your employees for many years to come.

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