How Radon is Reduced – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

How to Reduce Radon in Milwaukee

If you have high levels of radon in your Milwaukee home, you want to get that problem taken care of as quickly as possible. Reducing the radon levels in your Milwaukee means looking at the sources of contamination and doing everything you can to mitigate those risks. The more you are able to understand how those high levels of radon are getting into your home, the easier it will be to choose a contractor who can help you resolve the issue once and for all.

Two Basic Sources of Radon Contamination

When it comes to radon in your home, there are two basic sources of contamination. Depending where you live in the Milwaukee area, your home could suffer from one or both of those sources of contamination. One of the main ways radon gets into homes in the Milwaukee area is through the soil. Radon is present in the soil and the air alike, but when you are outdoors that radon poses little risk, since it is diluted down to harmless levels almost immediately. But when that radon enters your Milwaukee area home it becomes trapped, and that makes it infinitely more dangerous to yourself and your family.

A quality radon contractor will be able to assess the source of that contamination and take the steps necessary to mitigate the risks. For instance, radon may be entering your home through cracks in the basement walls or the foundation of your Milwaukee home. A good radon contractor will be able to seal up those holes and prevent the radon from getting in.

Preventing Radon From Entering The Home

Reducing Radon MilwaukeeThe radon contractor may go even further to remove the threat from your Milwaukee area home. High levels of radon can seep into your home when the pressure inside the home is much lower than the pressure in the soil outside. That can force radon into your home and make levels build up even more. When you hire a radon contractor, they may use a special method that equalizes the pressure inside and outside your home. That means that the radon does not get into your home, and you will be able to eradicate the gas already inside your Milwaukee area home.

Once you know for sure exactly where that radon is coming from, you can work directly with the contractor you choose to reduce those radon levels through a variety of methods. The exact method you choose to get rid of radon in your Milwaukee home depends on a number of factors, including the size and square footage of your house, the type of soil surrounding it and the structure of the foundation. But it all starts with knowing how radon is entering your Milwaukee home.