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Radon in Water Releases Radioactive Particles

Radon in Water Milwaukee WisconsinAn unseen danger could be lurking in your home, contaminating the air and water that you and your family are now using. Many Milwaukee residents are surprised to discover that they have high levels of radon in the water that flows out of their faucets. If radon has contaminated your water, whether from a private well or a public water system, the gas is going to be released every time you use the water in your house. This means that each time you take a shower or drink a glass of water you expose yourself to more and more unnecessary and harmful radiation.

Radon is a radioactive gas that has the potential to cause a variety of serious health conditions. The gas has no color, taste or odor. Its radioactive particles are simply released into the atmosphere of unsuspecting homes with absolutely no warning signs that will alert you to the unseen danger it poses.

Waterborne Radon is a Naturally Occurring Substance

Houses in the northern regions of the United States tend to be particularly vulnerable to contamination by high levels of radon, including waterborne radon. This is believed to be the result of specific geological formations below the surface of the earth. As rocks in the soil begin to erode and break down, radon is often one of the by-products released into the environment.

As radon is released from beneath the ground, the gas begins to seep into the air. It can also find its way into the wells and water systems that are connected to homes and businesses. Exposure to this radioactive material can lead to numerous health problems, including lung cancer. Researchers have stated that the dangers and risks posed by radon have been underestimated by most government organizations. Wisconsin is one of only nine states in the U.S. to enact regulations that target the problem of environmental radon. Wisconsin is also the only state that has decided to actively address the problems associated with radon in water systems.

Radon in Water in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is a Serious Matter

Although the EPA sets the standards for acceptable levels of most contaminants in water, it has not yet established a definite standard for radon (although the process to determine one is underway). It is now known that radon can be far more deadly than most of the other water contamination hazards, but action has still been frustratingly slow on a national level to combat this very real threat to public health.

Therefore, you must take responsibility for protecting your own health by having the radon levels in the water in your home tested regularly. If it proves to contain excessive amounts of radon, SWAT Environmental can handle the installation of any necessary aeration and filtration systems to keep your home and family safe from radon gas.